The Protimeter Grainmaster is regarded as one of the best grain moisture meters on the market for consistent accuracy. But like any measurement instrument, it needs to be kept in top condition in order for it to function properly. Here are our top 5 tips to a smooth running moisture meter.

The Blade and feeder ring

If you notice that the grinding process has become difficult or the sample has not been ground properly, simply changing the blade and feeder ring will make a huge improvement to the meter’s performance. A worn blade and feeder ring can also be the cause of inconsistent moisture readings.

Keep it clean

Use the brush provided and thoroughly brush down the meter after each use, particularly focus on the measurement cell and the grinder compressor unit. 

Lubricate the grinder compressor

A quick splash occasionally of 3 in 1 oil on the threaded shaft of the grinder compressor helps smooth out the grinding process.

Use the 10ml spoon provided

The moisture meter works best with a 10ml sample. A grain sample too small or too big can give inaccurate readings, use the 10ml spoon provided to ensure the sample size is tested. 

The Battery

Sounds simple, but if the meter is going to be sat for a long time, take the battery out. This will increase the life of the battery and also reduces the risk of it leaking. You’ll be surprised how many moisture meters we get in for repair because they won’t switch on and the reason being it just needed a new battery. 

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