Grain dryer control system 15T

Grain dryer control system is an electrical integrated structure, which is mainly composed of programmable controller PLC, touch screen HMI, grain moisture detection system, remote wireless monitoring module (optional) and low voltage electrical actuator etc.

PLC is adopted to automatically control the grain dryer to realize the whole process of the grain dryer. The control is divided into grain feeding, cyclic drying and grain delivery, which are mainly applied to rice, corn, barley, drying the water of crops such as wheat can effectively prevent grains from rotting due to excessive water during storage.

Product Description

Product features:  

1. High reliability and strong anti-interference capability. The system has its own hardware fault self-detection function.

2. Perfect protection measures. Prevent damage to equipment and food due to short circuit, overload, high temperature and other faults.

3. Friendly human-computer interface. Real-time display of the moisture and the running status of the device is convenient for users to operate and query.

4. The system design adopts PLC control, with small volume, convenient maintenance and easy transformation.

5. The grain moisture detection system communicates with PLC in real time to accurately realize the automatic shutdown function when moisture arrives.

6. The system can be equipped with remote wireless monitoring module, which can be modified online, downloaded remotely, monitored and other functions.



Performance parameters:



Display features

Display screen:  7" TFT LED                      

Resolution: 800*480                        

Brightness:   200cd/m2                       

Voltage:   24±20%VDC                            

Touch screen: resistive touch screen                   

Processor: Cortex-A8,300MHz                       

Serial Interface:RS232/RS485                            


Programmable Controller

1、Communication protocol:Modbus/free port mode/N:N/

Programming interface protocol communication interface:RS232/RS485                               

2、Power supply:85VAC~264VAC                        


System Features

1、Control technology:PLC

2、Control mode: manual/automatic/remote              

3、Temperature Accuracy:±0.1℃

4、Moisture Accuracy:± 0.5%

Electrical configuration

1、Programmable Controller PLC                                   

2、HMI touch screen                                    

3、Leakage protector                                    

4、Air switch                                           

5、AC contactor                                                 

6、Thermal protection relay                                  

7、Switching Power Supply                                             

8、Grain tester

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