On-Line Moisture Display Controller AI-20E

On-line moisture display controller AI-20E

This display and control screen is an upgraded one basing on the AI-10E, It's designed for the online grain moisture meter products of our company and have more button to choose different modes. The online grain moisture meter is mainly used for testing the moisture content of the grains of rice, wheat,barley and corn and etc, And it can also be used as a moisture content monitor of grain dryers or silos. This screen adopts PLC real-time communication to connect to the moisture meter. It can report the realtime moisture content value and temperature, and can also choose to test different types of grains by pressing the buttons.

Product Description

Product Features:
1. The instrument adopts knob parameter setting and stainless steel button to operate simply and beautifully
2. The instrument adopts wide range of AC input to improve the influence caused by voltage fluctuation
3, the instrument, large size, high brightness digital tube display
4. RS485-Modbus and Canlink communication protocol is supported.







Performance parameters:
Detection types: japonica rice, indica rice, wheat, barley, corn, etc
Minimum number of representations: moisture 0.1%
Communication mode: RS485-Modbus/Canlink
Power supply mode: AC200-250V /50Hz AC input
Setting range: 11%-20%
Control unit: knob switch and stainless steel switch
Error correction: ±3.0%
Ambient temperature :-5 - 45℃
Ambient humidity: ≤90%
External size: 245mm (L) ×192mm (W)
Installation size: 269mm (L) ×106mm (W)
Protection level: IP21 

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