DGM8005 Moisture Meter

DGM8005 moisture meter is one type of hand-held portable grain moisture meter. It is mainly used for measuring the moisture content of grains. This moisture meter is of very small size and low weight and it's very convenient to take along. It only use batteries as power supply. And This moisture meter just need a few sample grains and the moisture content can be tested very fast in just a few seconds. And the value will be displayed on the LCD screen.This moisture meter can detect many types of grains. And it is widely used because of it's convenience.

Product Description

Product Features: 

1. It's portable and convenient to take along. 

2. The detecting process is convenient and fast.

3. LCD display and easy to read the moisture content value. 

4. Low power consumption and Environment protection.





Performance Parameters: 
Testing Principle:Resistance Type
Grain types: Indica Rice,Japonica Rice, Wheat,Barley,Corn,Glutinous Rice,Bean and etc.
Testing Range: 6%-35%(20% Above for reference

Indica Rice:10%-40%
Japonica Rice:10%-30%
Glutinous Rice:10%-40%
Deviation Range:±0.5%(105° drying method, 5h smash)
Display:LCD Screen
Display Content: Moisture Content, Average Value,Test Times,Battery Status,Grain Type.
Power Supply: 4 No.5 1.5V Batteries.
Working Temperature:-20ºC-50ºC
Relative Humidity:≤90%
Dimension:105mm(W)X200mm(L)X 85mm(H)  
Weight: about 500g
Protection Level:IP21
Display:LCD Screen 

HS Code:9031809090

Package: Box / Carton

Lead Time:7

Quantity(Pieces)1 - 50


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