TENDTEK T16 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV

It is a convenient, efficient and economical folding four-axis plant protection drone for agriculture.

Made of carbon fiber material, with light weight and high strength, the foldable arm is designed for easy transportation.

Environmental protection without waste gas, in line with energy conservation and environmental protection and green agricultural development requirements. Easy to maintain, low cost of use and maintenance.

Product Description

Product name: T16 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV 

Brand Name: TENDTEK  

Usage: Agriculture 

Applicable Industries: Farms, Retail, Mining & Energy

Warranty: 1 Year
Product size: 1840mm*1840mm*545mm (expanded)
Wheelbase: 1750 mm
Tank capacity: 16.1L
Spray efficiency: 6-12 Ha/hour
Power battery: 12S 22000MAH*1pcs

Standby battery: 12S 19000MAH*3pcs
Empty weight: 21kg
Maximum take-off weight: 45.2kg
Rated take-off weight: 26kg
Flight duration : 11-29 minutes

Operating height: 1-4 meters
Operation time: 6-12minutes (according to spraying volume)
Spray range: 4-6 m
Droplet diameter: <150 microns
Flight distance: 1000 m
Droplet coverage: > 20 drops/cm²
The best working speed: 3-8 m/s (adjustable as needed)
Flight positioning accuracy: horizontal ±0.5m vertical  ± 0.5m (non-RTK)
Horizontal ±10 cm vertical ±10 cm (RTK)
Vertical ± 10 cm (with imitated mine Radar enabled)





Product features
One-key take off, full autonomous operation, break point flew on, out-of-control turn-around, low power turn-around, folding fuselage, one-key turn-around, mobile phone ground station, manual operation, 
closed control working, no drug return flight, dual magnetic compass protection, power off memory, AB point working, line to save 5 km remote control range

Select functions as required
High precision RTK millimeter wave radar
2cm obstacle avoidance
4G Background Management
FPV auxiliary camera


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