DGM8000 Moisture Meter

DGM8000 moisture meter is one kind online moisture meter. It is mainly used for detecting the real-time moisture content of grains during the circular drying. This moisture meter adopts screw feeding of grains, thus have the obvious features of high accuracy,high stability,low broken rate,easy installation, convenient to maintenance and etc. And it also have the function of automatic checking, automatic calibration and automatic alarm.This moisture meter can detect many types of grains. And it adopts PLC real-time communication system and the LCD display and touch screen.

Product Description

Online Moisture Meter Operating Diagram

Notes: This moisture meter have the matched PLC controller and Display&Touch Screen. It can be supplied together with the moisture meter with extra charge. And it can also be connected to your own equipment. And we can supply the technical support(the communication data sheet).

Product Features:
1. Unique 4 blade structure design, effectively reduced other materials that may enter the moisture meter, thus reducing the influence to the detecting result and ensure the accuracy of the detected value.
2. Screw type continuous feeding of the grains, and ensure the accurate detecting of every grain.
3. Adopts the RS 485-Modbus and Canlink real-time Communication







Performance Parameters: 
Grain types: Rice, Wheat,Barley and etc.
Communicate Method:RS485-Modbus or Canlink
Power Supply Mode:DC24V Input.
Testing Principle:Resistance Type
Testing Range:10% - 30%
Testing Time:1-5 minutes(depends on the feeding grains)
Deviation Range:±0.5%(105° drying method, 5h smash)
Working temperature:-20ºC-50ºC
Relative Humidity:≤90%
Suitable Display:AI-10E, AI-20E, AI-70C(Alternative)
Dimension:130mm(W) X 210mm(L) X 226mm(H)   
Weight: 2.5kg
Protection Level:IP21
Output Mode:Relay

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